Agribusiness DA

On or about 13 November 2018, Snowgums Group will submit a development application (DA) to Cabonne Council.

The DA seeks consent from Cabonne for:

  1. Construction and operation of a Rural produce storage shed.  Specifically, this is a , farm buildings under the Cabonne LEP 2012.  It will be used for storage of rural produce.  
  2. Construction and operation of a Rural service industry.  This another farm building under the Cabonne LEP.  It will provide fruit processing, a micro-brewery to brew beer, and storage together with a cellar door for beer tastings.
  3. Adaptive re-use of a building for a sales office to sell rural produce and agribusiness service (together with the ancillary residential use of the balance of the building).  
  4. An eco-garden surrounding the existing dwelling.

Below are links to the key consultation documents.

  • Situation
  • Statement of Environmental Effects
  • Annexure A to Statement of Environmental Effects.